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Respite Care

A photo by Ben White. unsplash.com/photos/4K2lIP0zc_k

Respite care is designated for children ages birth through eleven. This service is available Monday-Saturday from 9 am to 9pm. Times beyond these indicated needs to be approved by the Center staff.

Respite care is typically scheduled in advance for no more than 3 hours per week. We can schedule children for almost any reason EXCEPT for regular care related to parents attending work or school. Some of the reasons parents schedule their children for respite care include: medical or therapy appointments, support groups (AA, NA, grief, DV etc), parenting skills classes, job search & other DWS meetings, generic “Stress Breaks” (date nights, alone time, etc.).

Adoption respite services are available for families who have adopted children from a Utah state welfare agency.

Please note: Children are scheduled on a “First scheduled, first served” basis for respite care BUT children requiring crisis care will always take priority over any other scheduling. If possible, we will attempt to reschedule the respite care to another date and time as available.



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